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I try to not do TOO much self-promotion here, but I do actually have people tell me from time to time that they enjoy my ramblings. So here's some other recent and upcoming places to find me...
  • Jack Kirby Collector #56
    The latest issue of JKC came out a little over a week ago and contains my regular "Incidental Iconography" column, this time looking at the blatant white-washing of the Dingbats of Danger Street!
  • MTV Geek
    My "Kleefeld on Webcomics" columns continue on over at the MTV Geek blog as well. My latest ones include:
  • Graphic Novels
    Graphic Novels
    is the upcoming three-volume reference set from Salem Press. It's essentially an encyclopedia of comics. I've already contributed the entries for Alice in Sunderland and Fax from Sarajevo. I'm currently working on one for Laika.
  • WeddingCon
    David Gallaher (writer of Winter Guard, Box 13 and High Moon) and Valerie D'Orazio (writer of Punisher MAX: Butterfly and X-Men Origins: Emma Frost) will be tying the knot next week, and I have the honor of being in attendance. I mention it partially because they're both cool people and friends, but also because they're both pretty embedded in the comics community and, since the wedding will be held in Brooklyn, there'll be more than a few comics type folks in attendance as well. (Hence, Gallaher dubbing the event "WeddingCon.")
  • Comic Book Fanthropology
    I've made some minor revisions to my book, mostly fixing typos and adjusting the print quality of the photos. You can buy it through Lulu now or (and here's why I'm mentioning this) wait a few weeks and purchase it through Amazon. My initial outing with the book has pretty well run it's course, so let's see if some of the big retailers can give it some more life! Obviously, I'll post the link here as soon as it's available.
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