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  • The Atlantic recently posted a special report called "How Genius Works" in which they discuss the creative process with several big names like Paul Simon, Tim Burton, Frank Gehry and Ben Katchor.
  • The Georgia Institute of Technology recently held a symposium on that asked "how changes in technology, especially digital media, affect comics’ identities and industries." Comic professionals Tony Harris, Van Jensen and Andy Runton were in attendance. Technique has a good write-up.
  • Newsweek Pakistan has an article up on Naif Al-Mutawa's The 99. Given the limited attention it's received in the U.S., I'm always happy to throw in a plug for the book!
  • Showcasing the cliche that traditional news media are perpetually behind when it comes to trends, The Daily Titan has a new article citing that, hey, there are a number of movies out there that come from comic books now.
  • The StarTribune also has a somewhat old school article on Gary Dahlberg, who recently passed away. The write-up centers around Dahlberg's collection of comics, valued at $1,000,000, but it tends to paint a less-than-flattering picture of him citing that he was "more committed to his comic books than to the idea of marriage" and "put toys in his fridge because he liked to open it up and have something fun to look at." It has the kind of vibe that says, "This guy was a social outcast and very eccentric, but his weird hobby is now making some money, so we'll tolerate his weirdness." I'm mostly surprised that people still write articles like that any more.
  • The Comics That Comics Buy! The first of what appears to be a series over at The Nerdist wherein a comedian talks about some comic book they purchase. This first one features Kumail Nanjiani talking (quickly) about Asterix...
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