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Well, I've already looked at the first three issues so I may as well wrap up Bonnie Lass with a review of the final issue, which came out this past week.

With this being the final issue, obviously, the overall storyline needs to get wrapped up. Not an easy task when we start the issue with her facing down a giant sea monster who's just opened a ethereal portal to who-knows-where. Oh, and she's got her arch nemesis on board her ship.

The first dozen or so pages of this book were pretty chaotic. Not impossible to follow, but there were a few spots where it was a little difficult to tell exactly what was going on. Given the relative smooth narrative in previous issues, even during the action scenes, I'm inclined to think this was deliberate on Michael Mayne's part. I suspect he was trying to provide a more visceral sense of what the characters were going through, so we see a lot of quick flashes of story that race by too fast to really process very well.

The second half of the issue flows much more smoothly as the dénouement. It wraps up the adventure, touching on and sets the stage for future ones. (That's even before the mysterious epilogue!) Whether or not Red 5 is opting to continue Bonnie Lass with a second series, I don't know but I suspect we haven't seen the last of her.

Oh, it shouldn't need to be said, but in case anyone was wondering, they do win out in the end. Bonnie and her crew end up with the treasure, Fischer gets a manga-style nosebleed from the outfit Bonnie winds up in and they all party with a group of tribal villagers.

Speaking of outfits, though, Mayne also posted the image below earlier this week in honor of Bonnie Lass finishing up. It doesn't really have anything to do with my review or the story, but I liked it well enough that I wanted to share.
All four issues are currently available at comixology and iVerse for $1.99 each.

So, um, Red 5 people? Volume two gets approved when?
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Anonymous said...

i am going to change my name from bonnie budd to bonnie lass yay!..thanks for the inspiration..