ElfQuest Fan Film Trailer

By | Monday, April 04, 2011 Leave a Comment
I'd heard this was being worked, but I usually dismiss fan films 1) because I'm interested in the comics themselves more than the intellectual properties (i.e. characters) and 2) well, frankly because so many of them are poorly done. Anyway, this teaser trailer for an ElfQuest fan video looks excellent...

I have to admit to some disappointment at not seeing my favorite character, Redlance, but that closing shot that closing shot of Winnowill just about makes up for it by itself!

I also like that the film is produced and directed by women, with an almost entirely female cast. The original ElfQuest story (for those who haven't read it) has a really good male/female mix, and depicts a range of characters in often atypical roles for their respective gender. Case in point: Redlance is more of a pacifistic while his lifemate, Nightfall, is a huntress. That this film is largely a product of women counters, albeit slightly, the overwhelmingly male-dominated world of fan films.

Anyway, it looks great, and I can't wait to see the rest of it now!
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