Let All Beware... THE CUBE!

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My quick phone test from the other day seemed to garner an unusual (i.e. some) amount of interest, so I thought I'd follow it up with a quick look around my day-to-day workspace, as there are more than a few comic references around. Not exactly shelf-porn, but someone might be interested.

The office environment, generally speaking, is a cube farm. Beige as far as the eye can see. I've done what I can to make things a little more visually interesting. Here's the view walking into my cube...
Of particular note for comics fans are the Batman Rescue Zone sign (an idea liberally swiped from an online meme from a little while back), a Captain Marvel action figure above my name plate and a "Doodle Wall" where I pin up random sketches (not infrequently relating back to comics) that I might make during particularly long and boring meetings. I might also point out the papercraft chimp in a Hawaiian shirt sitting on my name plate.

Stepping inside...
The overhead bin is plastered with comic strips that made me chuckle. Mostly newer stuff that was printed as I read them online, but there is a Bloom County strip and an old Ron Cobb editorial cartoon. On the wall underneath that bin are a couple lightning-related cartoons, one by Don Martin and the other two (both featuring Captain Marvel) by one of the designers here at work. Those are in commemoration of when I was struck by lightning. The color comic next to the calendar is the sequence in Tozo where I made an appearance. (My favorite comment about it: "Why is the elephant dude giving you the evil eye? Oh, man! That's Babar and he's pissed you swiped his crown!" Also visible are several The Cubes action figures, mostly being overrun by plastic spiders.

Swinging around to the right, we have...
Another overhead bin with some comics. Underneath are some cut out figures from Tozo and Girl Genius. Above the computer is an Aubrey Beardsley print. The "Design This" sign was actually done for a short semi-educational video we did here at work.

And, yes, that's a 27" iMac that I work on. Sitting next to a barely visible PC that I have to use for work email and chat.

So that's where I spent 40-ish hours every week. Not exactly the ideal environment for designing, but I've tried to make it at least moderately more engaging with some comics material.
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Matt K said...

Ah, down on the cube farm.

Good tour!

Tyler James said...

Sweet set up.

If you'd like a "Tears of the Dragon" postcard to pin-up on your wall, just let me know where to send it.

Thanks for the link on your sidebar. Much appreciated.