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Halloween is a couple weeks away and my boss was complaining a bit today about the lack of age-appropriate costumes for her 16 year old daughter. To complicate matters, the girl is, I think, around 6'2" making any commercial costumes with a full-length dress look uncomfortably short. She apparently did briefly try on a Supergirl costume, without her or her parents having seen what passes for a Supergirl costume these days. It was put back once the girl took a look at herself in the mirror.

Which means that, so far, I only know of one person donning a comic-related costume this year. A friend is going as Hit Girl, although I suspect that has more to do with the movie than the comic.

A little over a year ago, I posted a graphic Spider-Man timeline my friend Matt Kuhns had created. Yesterday, he posted an updated version over at his own blog with a more elaborate explanation on how he went about developing it.

I don't usually pay much attention to movie related tidbits, and when I do I'm pretty skeptical about them in general, but I just came across this surprisingly heart-warming story about Chris Evans (who played the Human Torch in the two recent Fantastic Four movies and is currently filming as the lead character in a Captain America movie) and how he really made a seven-year-old's day.

Final link of the night, Tokyopop is giving away copies of every title they're releasing in October to one lucky winner. This includes the first volumes of Black Gate, Demon Sacred and Hetalia Axis Powers. Head over here to enter.
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