Arcana Who?

By | Wednesday, October 06, 2010 Leave a Comment
In lieu of the announcement today that Arcana was picking up Devils Due's characters (full announcement here -- apparently it's not on either Arcana's or Devils Due's sites), Heidi MacDonald tweeted...
Idle question: What comics does Arcana publish that anyone ever head of?

I didn't read any of the responses, but Heidi's next tweet read...
Hey you guys! Arcana and ARCHAIA are not the same companies!

Now it seems to me that if...
  1. You don't post your press releases on your own website
  2. What is arguably your biggest release of the year has multiple typos in it that any spell-checker would've caught
  3. You spend any part of your press release talking about other companies not directly involved in the announcement
... then it's absolutely no wonder that people are paying so little attention to you that they can't tell one company from another.

Granted, not every publisher can afford a dedicated marketing team with a huge budget to ensure that every Wal-Mart and Target in America has t-shirts with your characters on them, but couldn't you at least read through somebody else's press releases that does and make an attempt to emulate it?

I'm just saying.
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