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Robert Beerbohm points me to this well-researched article by Ken Quattro detailing the life of Elmer Cecil Stoner. "Elmer who" you ask? EC Stoner was the creator of Planter's Mr. Peanut character and, more significantly for comics' fans, the first African-American comic book creator, who's credits include The Witch's Tales #1 (1936) and Detective Comics #1 (1937). Stoner remained in the industry until the early 1950s working on other notable titles like Blackstone, Master Magician and Blue Beetle.

Speaking of Blue Beetle, Shocker Toys has released their first promotional image of their Dan Garrett action figure...

Raina Telgemeier notes that Smile is "out of stock pretty much everywhere" but adds that a second printing should be hitting stores soon.

Tokyopop is going to spend this summer looking for America's Greatest Otaku. Having a noted interest in comic fandom, I'm curious what they'll be looking for to qualify as a great otaku. The rules state that you have to include a five minute video touting why you are, but they're noticeably ambiguous about how they might be judging your 'qualifications.' I suppose that's so they don't have to define otaku too rigidly, and can see how the actual entrants define it.

Finally, Ray Wall sends notice that he's posted an excerpt of his latest superhero song: "Iron Man Movie Star." It's available to preview on his MySpace site.
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