30 Years Ago...

By | Friday, May 21, 2010 4 comments

I know. Kind of a lame post for today, but I did actually celebrate by watching The Empire Strikes Back and playing a few rounds of Pac-Man.
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Matt K said...

Hey, works for me. The real question is, via what platform were you playing Pac-Man?

Even if you exclude emulators, there are must be 100s of systems on which one can play some version of a Pac-Man game by now. Remarkable to think about.

Back in the day, it was the Atari 2600 for me. (One of the reasons I chose that particular image.) I think my folks might actually still have that whole system in their basement somewhere.

Matt K said...

Nice. We had the 2600, what a fine console that was. We sold ours off, though.

I wonder how well the 2600 has held up? My 8-bit NES and cartridges still work, so I presume there must also be vintage Ataris out there, still rocking it with the bleeps and bloops.

Matt K said...

I feel like this ought to be appended to this post: