Idiot Or Masochist: You Decide

By | Sunday, October 18, 2009 2 comments
So I'm working on my book the other night (as I've been doing EVERY night these days) and I thought, "You know, this chapter I'm working on now probably should be broken up into two chapters. The topics flow together really easily, but I think there might be too much there to not break up."

This increases my work a bit because A) I'm trying to keep each chapter reasonably the same length so I've effectively doubled how much time I was going to spend on the topics, and B) that puts in another break between chapters, which I've been punctuating with fan profiles -- meaning I've got another profile to write and another portrait to draw.

Then I was working this morning and realized, "Oh, crap! I totally haven't said ANYTHING about this portion of fandom! I'll need to add another chapter for that!" Which, again, means I have another chapter to write, another profile to write, and another portrait to draw.

So, does that make me an idiot for not seeing those things earlier, or a masochist for adding more work without changing my personal deadline?
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Matt K said...

Mostly the latter, probably. :) I mean, your first book and you aren't seeing everything ahead of time and proceeding in a completely smooth and linear fashion???

Yeah that's probably forgivable.

Anonymous said...

In all honesty, if you're going to tackle a subject as prone to hysterics and angry obsessiveness as fandom, you'd be best off taking your time to get it right.