Action Comics #495

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This is the first comic book I actually purchased with my own money. I recall seeing it on a spinner rack in a local drug store while Mom was picking up whatever it was that she picked up that day. I had been interested in comics for at least a few years at that point, but I had only recently started getting an allowance. I definitely remember being attracted to the cover, possibly because of the obvious Clark/Superman duality being expressly shown. (I know I liked the cover to Superman #268 for that reason.) I thus made the decision to make my first "major" purchase.

The story was entertaining enough, if a bit far-fetched -- even in the context of a Superman comic. I do recall liking it, though, because it did have all the "classic" Superman elements I was aware of. The villain appeared to be from Krypton (Superman's home planet) but was in fact an alien from a world Superboy had saved years ago (continuity). It featured Clark and Lois as Planet reporters (key characters and traits) but occurred in Smallville (Clark's boyhood home). There was a brief discussion of the original S-logo Clark had toyed with (alluding to the historical elements of Superman's history in the real world) and the mandatory Clark-pretending-to-be-scared-so-Lois-won't-discover-his-dual-identity routine. Plus some out of this world logic (Superman throwing the villain's sword all the way around THE ENTIRE PLANET and catching it as it came back) and a decent fight sequence. And, oh yeah, the whole thing was drawn by Curt "Best Superman Artist Ever" Swan.

Apparently, from what I can tell right here and now, that story or the alien race depicted in it, has NEVER been referenced before or since that issue. So, c'mon! Who's with me in writing to new DC head honcho Diane Nelson to help back the Zoltams, Gnmod, or the Xaka sword? Let's get everybody on board this and make it a real grass-roots movement to honor the great legacy of DC stories! Who's with me? C'mon!



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