Comics Cause Juvenile Delinquincy?

By | Saturday, October 24, 2009 2 comments
You've likely seen Tom Spurgeon's post pointing to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Library's digital archive of comic books and comic-related material. If you haven't actually browsed the collection yet, you should, because there's lots of interesting things there. INCLUDING a copy of the interim report from the Senate subcommittee hearings on juvenile delinquency circa 1954. I've only had a chance to skim it so far, but I did catch this particular nugget on page 33...
Yup, somebody added their own commentary to the report, presumably more than a few years after this was first published. And it just amuses the heck out of me that the librarians who scanned this for their site opted to leave it in place.

My dad sometimes bemoans having to deal with not-entirely-all-there librarians a lot, but the ones I've met have all been pretty cool, and I think this scan does reinforce that, if only a little.
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grifter said...

paging Delinquincy Adams, you are needed in the ER, stat!

Matt K said...

...the wonderful irony (hopefully, consciously savored by the anonymous commenter), of course, being that vandalizing a library document, with profanity no less, would seem to fit nicely under the heading of "juvenile delinquency."