I Dig My Library

By | Friday, October 23, 2009 3 comments
>So I'm sitting here writing away and come to a point where I want to mention Wally Wood's witzend. It falls into my point easily enough, but I want to ensure that I get my facts straight. I do a few web searches and turn up with some basic info about it, but nothing I need.

"Well, geez," I think to myself, "now I've got to truck all the way down to the basement to grab that biography of Wood."

My next thought was, "Damn, though. That's pretty cool that I've got a comic library with obscure information like that, and I know exactly where it is."

The book was soon retrieved and the information I was looking for was indeed in there.

I dig my library.
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Hey Sean, would you ever be interested in featuring your library in the Shelf Porn feature over at Robot 6?

Let me know,

Sure, that'd be great. If you could wait until the tail end of next month, I could take some updated shots (since I never posted any of my fandom bookshelf and I've got something better for my manga collection now). Oh, and that just might coincidentally tie in with when my book should be available! ;)

But, yeah, that'd be cool if you think Robot 6 readers would be interested.

Yeah, that would be fine. Just email me the photos and any commentary when you get the chance -- cmautneratcomcastdotnet