Aw, Nertz!

By | Wednesday, October 28, 2009 Leave a Comment
So I'm working on the "final" (as in, the last one I haven't finished) chapter in Comic Book Fanthropology. It's just a basic history of comic fandom, and I saved it for last because it's kind of incidental to the rest of my book. And I'm going through my notes and reference material and realize that it's almost entirely U.S.-centric. I've got a few vague notes about Mexico, Canada and the UK, but that's it. All the other European and Asian material I thought I had was all focused expressly on science fiction fandom and not comic fandom.

Guess I need to expand my library. :\

On the plus side, the cover is just about done and looks FRICKIN' AWESOME in a sublime sort of way. Kudos to Colin Panetta's for doing a great job on it. I'll plug more about Colin and show you the cover later, though!
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