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A couple weeks back, I reviewed the latest installment of Hatter M graphic novels. Today, I received the following message in my email box and, given the informative nature of the response, I thought I'd share the whole thing verbaitum...
Hi Sean, (Critical Illuminator)

Many thanks for the insightful and enthusiastic review of Hatter M: Mad With Wonder. The members of the Hatter M Institute for Paranormal Travel, my co-writer Liz Cavalier, artist Sami Makkonen and I would also like to thank you for your recent review of Hatter M: Mad With Wonder. From your review we gathered that there were some concerns about the dramatic trajectory of Hatter’s search. Let me emphasize that we hold to the academic and aesthetic view of criticism and believe you are working on behalf of readers and fans to interpret, analyze and shed light on Hatter’s quest. This is an invaluable service and we deeply appreciate your assistance as Graphic Guides and Mythos Interpreters.

In turn, we also depend on your criticism to measure our own efforts. When questions are raised or clarification sought we immediately roundtable the review and work to address the issues. After an intense examination and debate our unanimous consensus is to distribute the following overview for the planned 5 Volume graphic novel series as both answer and update for reviewers who would care to join us in shedding extra light on Royal Bodyguard Hatter Madigan’s realm jumping adventures.

Anyone who has read the Looking Glass Wars or even the introduction to the first comic book knows that Hatter is eventually successful in finding Alyss and bringing her home.

NO mystery there.

But at the heart of Hatter’s search there is a mystery. As Volume 2 unfolds readers should start to realize that the mystery of this planned 5 Volume parallel series is the path that Hatter follows both consciously and unconsciously. Before he can master the final challenge of finding the Princess he must first, like all of us, realize there is something he must learn from his ordeal. Operating from the metaphysical rule stating: Everything Happens for a Reason we have begun to track and eventually reveal this mystery.


There is a carefully plotted method to our madness and we wish to assure our readers nothing is extraneous to the ultimate storyline. Clues are being laid down and characters established with our collective eye on the finish. This information may or may not have resolution in volume 3 or 4, but Volume 5 will complete the revelatory map.

When readers encounter Hatter in Volume 2: Mad With Wonder it is 1864 and he has been searching our world for five years. Volume 2 provides the reader with a historically accurate timeline of 1864-1865 for the American Civil War as well as the revisionist revelation of Wonderland’s involvement in the final days and battles of the Confederacy’s Lost Cause. BUT NOT UNTIL the forthcoming Volume 3: The Nature of Wonder will readers discover the conclusion of this hidden historical episode. Warning! This information is not available in any government issued textbook. You will only find it here.


Interwoven with this external timeframe are Hatter’s flashbacks to his formative years as a Cadet at the Wonderland Millinery under the tutelage of an older brother. Dalton Madigan is an iconic influence on Hatter as well as being his only family. Dalton raised Hatter and taught him to fight while guiding him through his Millinery training. As the flashbacks reveal, Dalton is never far from Hatter’s thoughts. In moments of self-doubt he conjures Dalton, fearing he cannot complete this quest alone. Without slipping any spoilers let us emphasize…no detail is extraneous.

In closing, I would like to emphasize that as a writer and creator I depend on your enthusiastically imparted knowledge to ensure that readers are provided with the necessary critical magnifying glass to fully enjoy and comprehend my work. That said, I am always available for questions, theoretical debates, interviews and tours of the Hatter M Institute.

Madly yours,

Frank Beddor
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