Where'd My Decade Go?

By | Tuesday, October 03, 2006 Leave a Comment
A few years back, I added a bit of code to FFPlaza.com so that, every October, the home page would display a short message about how long the site's been around. That way, I could have the site announce it's own anniversary without me having to remember to do anything or make sure I get something posted exactly on October 1.

With everything that's been going in my life for the past several months, the anniversary completely slipped my mind until I happened to hit the site looking up some information. I was surprised to find, staring me in the face, the phrase "Celebrating 10 years of providing the internet's best Fantastic Four info!"

Ten years? When the heck did that happen? Good grief! I remember building the site and hiding it in an obscure corner of my employer's server so I wouldn't have to pay for hosting. When my Issue Library was a HUGE javascript file that took forever to download and was impossible to read. I used to have these rollover effects that brought up animated GIF files for my main navigation that were a terrible drain on bandwidth. Oh, geez, I used to use frames!

You know, though, I am impressed with myself for sticking with this for so long. For a lot of things, I go through phases of interest and can't maintain any sort of long-term dedication to it. My interest in the Fantastic Four, though, has been going on for over two decades now, and I'm approaching a point where I will have had a web site running about them for half as long as I've been reading them!
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