Cover Tributes

By | Monday, October 16, 2006 Leave a Comment
The interesting thing about covers is that they're designed to attract attention. Publishers want readers to see a cover so interesting and/or intriguing that they pick it up and buy the issue. Not surprisingly, then, a lot of the iconic images from comic books come from the covers. Often, a lot more time goes into a book's cover than any, theoretically more complex, interior page.

From time to time, artists try to recreate imagry from previous covers. Sometimes this is a sales gimmick designed to suggest that this issue is just as good as the one the original cover was from, and sometimes it's just an artist trying to pay his/her respect to the original artist. And sometimes, it's more of a parody. Whether any given image is a tribute or just a rip-off is often subjective, although if an artist signs the work "after" the original creators, that's a good indicator that it was meant as a tribute.

So I've gone through my collection again and pulled out some cover tributes. Once again, I've only included one image per title. (Otherwise I'd have a crudload of Fantastic Four covers since I happen to know those books a lot better!) See how many of these images you can trace back to the originals...
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