Pirates of Coney Island

By | Saturday, October 14, 2006 2 comments
So I picked up The Pirates of Coney Island #1 this week. It was a book that I was originally going to pick up for the pirate thing. But then I saw that it was really more of a modern tale rather than the "classic" pirate tale that I generally enjoy. But I saw it the shop this week and picked it up anyway...

The first thing I noticed was the color palette. Each page was given an overall hue that helped to convey the mood of the scene. Well done there, and I didn't feel it was over the top or anything.

Next, there was something of a European vibe to things. Not terribly overt like if you were reading Judge Dredd or Blueberry but still there nonetheless. Almost an undercurrent, really. (I later learned that artist Vasilis Lolos is actually from Greece.)

As for the story itself, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself intrigued. We've got a kid who goes up against a small gang of punks, a stranger who helps him, and the pet shop owner who's also a victim of the gang activities. Plus, this odd sidebar where a restaurant owner is hiding a load of extra cash and is killed shortly afterwards. We haven't actually seen the supposed pirates yet, and there's been only the barest indications that this couldn't be just anywhere on the planet.

The issue is almost more of a prologue to the actual story. Or it least it seemed that way to me. Writer Rick Spears seemed comfortable to take his time with the story and tell it the way he wants to tell it, which runs contrary to how a lot of mainstream books are written these days. I give him a lot of credit for that.

I suppose I don't have a really firm opinion of the book just yet, but I'm interested enough to come back for issue two. We'll see who these pirates are, and then I'll see if I'm willing to add this to my pull list.

Intriguing opening, to say the least, though...
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Rob said...

Sounds very interesting...I should check it out next time I get to the comic shop...but I think I'm still about 10 months behind on FF, so I need to wait until I get about $50 so I catch up...or see if my wife lets me take $100 to go crazy! Actually, I shouldn't get greedy...I don't know if I can even get the $50!!

Well, it's definitely interesting, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend it over books that you already know you enjoy. I'm often on the look-out for new and interesting comics, but that's only when I have the money to spend on them! If you've been reading this blog for more than a couple of months, you'll recall that I don't always have that luxury!

I like to encourage experimentation in everyone's reading habits, but only when they can afford it! Ultimately, my tastes in comics are unique and just because I may or may not enjoy something is no guarantee anyone else will have the same experience.