Best Book of the Week... So Far

By | Wednesday, October 25, 2006 Leave a Comment

New comic day again, and I picked up a variety of things. What I'm sure will top the list once I get to it is Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean's Mr. Punch. (Gaiman stated a year or two back that it's the work he's most proud of.)

But in lieu of finishing that, I'd have to nominate Nextwave #9 as the best book I've read this week. In order of the story's unfolding, we had such great moments as...

Elsa and Tabitha's banter about how the French-Canadians hate the U.S.
Tabitha's subsequent running around like a Warner Brothers cartoon.
The floating, upside-down castle.
The floating, right-side up faux city beneath the floating, upside-down castle.
A monkey in a fez and surgical mask.
Creating an entire team of super-villains from the pages of Not Brand Echh.
The supremely cool art of Elsa taking a shot at Charlie America.
"You have been getting insulted by nextwave."

One of the things that definitely appeals to me about this comic is the decidedly not as U.S.-centric as everything else in this mass of unoriginal, incestuous drivel we call American culture. Ellis (a Brit) and Immonen (a Canuck) are putting together a great, entertaining comic book that's as much a commentary on American culture as it is an improvement over it. And I hardly find it surprising that it's not selling as well as it should.

At any rate, I've enjoyed Ellis' work in the past. I've enjoyed Immonen's work in the past. But if I see they're working on something together again, I will be the first one lining up to get a copy.
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