Sean's Wold Newton, Part 2 (Technical Data)

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I just wanted to drop a couple more quick comments about this image. Skip to the previous entry to read what I'm using them to represent.

I started with an image of a couple in Victorian costumes. The man was actually supposed to be dressed as Phileas Fogg, so he was right in line with what I was hoping to use. (My original photo used an actor who played Dr. Watson, but my Watson should only be in his early 20s. I would've liked to have used an established actor who's played Watson, but the only one I could find who looked anything less than 40 was the somewhat dorky version they used in Young Sherlock Holmes.) I did have to trim this gent's goatee, though, to keep the classic Watson 'tache, and I added the derby, again for the classic Watson touch.

The woman was, I believe, his wife. However, I've replaced her face with that of the real Alice Liddell. Yes, that's really Alice, age 20. I did give her a bit of a haircut, though to make the Photoshopping job go quicker.

Next, I added a golden snub-nose monkey. They're native to, among other places, China and the images I've seen of Sun Wukong tend to look something like this fellow. I think the scale is a little off here, but I didn't want him to get lost.

Then I noticed the time, and I had to bang out my John Henry quickly. I wanted to use a bald, muscular black man without his shirt so he would drop in fairly easily. For some reason, I had trouble finding a decent image. I wound up using a promo shot of early 20th century boxer, Jack Johnson. Ken Burns did a documentary on his recently, and there were a decent number of photos of Jack online. They were all in black and white, though, so I had to bang out a quick coloring job here. He definitely looks dropped in here, and looks VERY out of place. That's mainly due to the drastic difference in lighting from the other figures. I'll try to look for a better image later.

Unless of course, you're an (aspiring) comic book artist interested in the concept and want to whip up some slick concept art!
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