The Peril and the Procrastination

By | Monday, October 02, 2006 Leave a Comment
So, my essay that compares/contrasts the traumas of Dr. Doom's and the Thing's lives was actually due about a month ago. Since I was JUST starting a new job, I wrote to my editor and asked for an extension, which she kindly granted. So I was trying to finish the thing up last night and I was just having the damnest time working through it.

I know the material backwards and forewards. I know generally what I'm trying to get at with the piece overall, and I think I'm actually getting that aspect done at a basic level. But I just really have NOT been happy with anything I've written for it so far. It's not bad, I think, so much as just... flat. The transitions seem rough and choppy, the imagry is sketchy, not to mention that I can't really get a "hook" for the whole piece.

In short, I haven't been this frustrated over a piece of writing in a long time.

I went ahead and sent my editor what I had written so far. (Well, a third of what I've written. I've actually scrapped the whole thing twice to start over.) Maybe she'll have some advice/suggestions that will help rope the whole thing together more cohesively.
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