Adams on Cougar

By | Sunday, October 22, 2006 Leave a Comment
"Neal Adams changed the face of comic books forever. With a strong cinematic sense, Adams worked light and shadow to create worlds that were both believable and fantastic. His groundbreaking illustrations resurrected Batman when the campy '60s TV show threatened the comic's credibility. And his iconic work on the X-Men and others continues to influence comic art and film to this day. Like the work of Adams, Cougar stands as an icon in its field. For 34 years, its brilliant whiteness, consistent runnability, and superior opacity have set the standard for many to imitate. Or at least try."

That is the copy from an ad for Cougar Paper that was in Creavitity magazine recently. There's some accompanying artwork of a man climbing down into a cave, only to find some cougar artwork on the cave walls, shortly before turning into a cougar himself.

I just point it out because of how cool it is that they're using comic books to advertise something else. Doubly cool that they got Adams to do artwork for it.
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