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Well, my latest birthday has come and gone, and I'm thrilled with the amount of comic-related loot that was given to me. In lieu of a substantial post, I thought I'd list some of it here...

Black Superheroes, Milestone Comics, and Their Fans
This is "an examination of contemporary comic book fandom as it relates specifically to the texts published by Milestone Media." I'm certainly interested in it from the standpoint of a non-caucasian viewpoint of comics, but I'm also keenly interested in the fandom aspect as well. Is there a significant different from "average" comic book fans and Milestone's (predominantly) African-American fan base? Is comic fandom universal in its interpretation, or does it vary from sub-culture to sub-culture?
This garnered such critical acclaim a few years back that I wanted to make sure I got a chance to read it.
Fade From Blue #9
Brilliant series that ended some time back. I missed #9, though, and I've been trying to avoid reading the final issue until I could get this one.
Hulk Visionaries: Peter David, vol. 1 and 2
I have a long-standing interest in the Marvel Universe as a whole, but the Hulk was never one of my favorite characters. That said, though, it's hard not be impressed with the fact that Peter David was on the book for so long. I've enjoyed other PAD stories and I figure it's about time to catch up on what he did over in Hulk.

New Warriors #45
I basically asked for this to fill a hole in my collection. Great series on the whole, though, and this is where I learned to appreciate Fabian Nicieza.
Quicken Forbidden #11-13
I picked up the two TPBs covering the first dozen issues after reading a Newsarama article about it. I was summarily impressed and was looking to read the rest of the issues. Back issue bins proved wholly unhelpful, though, so I'm thrilled that The Wife was able to track these down.

Rocekto TPB
I picked up the first issue when it came out, but in the process of Espinosa changing publishers, that made it almost impossible for me to pick up the subsquent several issues. When the TPB was announced, I opted to skip those issues and concentrate on the ones that occur afterwards. Consequently, I've been sitting on the past several issues, since I haven't had a chance to read the original story arc yet.
Tales to Astonish Masterworks
Come on! High quality reprints of the original TTA stories? How could you NOT want that?
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