I Give Up

By | Thursday, August 17, 2006 Leave a Comment
Okay, I've been reading Ultimate Fantastic Four for nearly three years now, and I haven't enjoyed it yet. Normally, I don't give that much of a chance to a comic, but I felt obligated to continue reading because I run a Fantastic Four web site. That's not a good reason to read a comic, obviously, but I do really like the source characters and I want to see the Ultimate version do well. After all, if it does well, then more people will want to look up information about the characters -- which they can get from my site.

But, I'm sorry, the zombie crap story just dragged on for FAR too long with far too many problems. It simply wasn't a good story concept in the first place, and it got further weighed down by internal problems.

I haven't yet connected with the Ultimate Fantastic Four on any level and it's no longer on my pull list.
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