New Comic Day At The New Shop

By | Wednesday, August 30, 2006 Leave a Comment
Today was my first time at my new local comic shop on a Wednesday. I'd avoiding intentionally before since I was trying to set up my pull list and get a feel for the layout of the store and such; I obviously didn't want to be tripping over all the other customers while I was doing that.

But I swang by today a little after noon today to pick up my new books, and I was surprised when I pulled in that the parking lot was relatively open. This shop is in sort of a ultra-mini strip mall -- I think there are four, maybe five other stores there -- so the parking lot is essentially just one row of spaces across the fronts of the stores. You could probably get 15 or 20 cars there before you'd have to start parking on the side streets or something.

When I had visited the shop prior to today, I had been there at what I'd consider "off" times. Three-thirty on a Thursday or something. There were around half of the parking spaces filled then, so I figured that at noonish on a Wednesday, the comic shop alone would eat up most of the "extra" spaces. I didn't figure the lot would be totally full, but I was betting I wouldn't have more than one or two spots to choose for myself. I was obviously quite surprised to see that half the spots were still open today!

And when I went inside, there wasn't all that much activity. Well, they had just gotten some cases of HeroClix and they were in the process of opening/sorting them, so there was activity, but not the kind I would've expected. There was one guy that walked in a little while after me -- evidently a regular who was into the gaming side of things -- and another guy who came in shortly before I left. He must've been fairly new to the store, too, as the owner didn't seem to recognize him.

I was looking at the calendar of events on their web site, and there's a lot of stuff focused on gaming. Maybe they've found that that's more lucrative for them, and their clientele is somewhat different than what I would consider "normal" for a comic shop. Just an unusual experience, not having to trip over half a dozen people to see the wall of new books.
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