Birthday Comes Early

By | Friday, August 18, 2006 1 comment
Even though my birthday isn't for two days, The Wife got excited enough to pass along two comics that she had bought for me. One of them was a signed first issue of Prophet of Dreams.

It was an indie title from Broken Tree Comics that came out a few years back by Julian Lawler and Rudy Vasquez. More significantly, it's a comic that I have several pages of original art from. Including the cover! It's artwork I had won a couple of years ago, and have had trouble locating the actual issues. But now, I have the opportunity to compare the original art to the final production of it.

I believe I've mentioned before that I enjoy comparing original art to the actual comics, but this was interesting because most of it was still in pencil form. Unlike Stuart Immonen's pencils -- which I do have a page of -- Vasquez's pencils were very tight. That's not to say Immonen's pencils are loose, but Vasquez's were much tighter.

Fascinating stuff.
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Anonymous said...


My name is Julian Lawler III and I am editor in chief of Broken Tree Comics. I was thrilled to find that you had posted on our flagship title from early 2002. If you have original art then we must have met. Where did you get those pages? In any case, I'm glad to let you know Broken Tree is working on a new series, "Trouble Point" and the art is only getting better with more high profile names working on this new project. Feel free to look Broken Tree up. You can find us on myspace using the e-mail address, on facebook under brokentreecomics, and twitter using brokentreecomix. The facebook and myspace accounts both have pages posted from Trouble Point.

I hope to see you online one of these days.


Julian Lawler
Editor in Chief
Broken Tree Comics