Stamp News?

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Here's a filler page in the middle of a 1948 Marvel comic...
The ad for Captain America, Sub-Mariner and Marvel Comics is pretty self-evident; it is a Marvel comic itself, after all. The stamp ads running down the right column aren't terribly surprising either. But I'm a little confused about the remaining portions.

I suppose the "Stamp News" could have been part of the advertising space bought by the stamp people from the right column as a way to promote philately and, by extension, stamp collecting. Kind of the same way a industry organization might pay to have "scientific" studies conducted which ultimately tout the benefits of their industry. Seems a bit progressive for 1948, though. I thought that was a decidedly more recent phenomenon. In any event, comics were seen as decidedly juvenile entertainment back then -- what kid is going to spend any time reading a very dry examination of Burmese stamps? Would your average 1948 kid even know where Burma was?

But also, what the hell are those cartoons? I'm sure they're filler to take help take up whatever space wasn't being used by the stamp ads, but I don't get them. At all. I mean, the look like they're supposed to be funny, but I'm not getting it. I guess I can kind of see how that top one is a joke (though it's a poor one) but the other two don't even make sense to me. Is it a period thing? Some kind of reference to the contemporary culture of 1948?

I guess that ultimately, the whole page just kind of confuses me. Just a weird sort of page shoved between a Detective Mike Trapp murder mystery and "Rhoda in 'Sleepytime Pal!'"
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