Haven Distributors Closing?

By | Tuesday, October 04, 2011 1 comment
Jetpack Comics tweeted earlier tonight:
With Haven Distributors closing the #comicmarket gets even smaller. Lack of distributor competition stifles #comicmarket & creators
They followed it up with a couple more tweets talking more generally about a single distributor system is bad for indie creators, and how they wish they'd supported Haven more. When I asked, the Jetpack folks said they were sent an email about it directly from Haven.

If you're thinking, "Haven who?" I wrote up a short piece about them a couple years ago.

For it's part, Haven Distributors doesn't have any news about this on their site. But, for that matter, they don't seem to have much by way of recent news of any sort. Their last newsletter came out in May, and the most recent "New in Stock" item listed seems to be from July, as best as I can tell.

As yet, I haven't been able to get any independent corroboration but between Diamond's monopoly over the comics distribution market and the multi-year recession we've been in, it would hardly be surprising if/when the news is confirmed. Sadly, this will probably have little actual impact on the comics industry as a whole (as Diamond has exclusive deals with Marvel and DC, who control the vast majority of the publishing end of comics) other than a handful of folks like myself who will say, "Crap. That's a shame."

Ironically, that also is a shame.
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Anonymous said...

That's really sucky news. It's like this Catch-22 -- we're hesitant to support a new distributor unless it has a chance to be successful but it can't be successful until you support it.