Doc Strange Circa 1947

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Long before Stan Lee and Steve Ditko bowled over 1960s' comic readers with their psychedelic character, Dr. Strange, Richard Hughes and Alexander Kostuk debuted a hero called Doc Strange back in 1940! First appearing in Thrilling Comics #1, the 1940's Doc Strange was a pretty generic hero who was super-strong, invulnerable and generally brilliant. He gained nondescript teen sidekick "Mike" in 1942 and the two fought bad guys throughout the decade. Doc Strange resurfaced in the mid-1980s in AC Comics' Femforce and later in Tom Strong simply calling himself Tom Strange.

Here's one of his last 1940s appearances from America's Best Comics #21...
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Matt K said...

Oddly, this "Doc Strange" looks more like Wyatt Wingfoot. I'm pretty sure there's been at least one story where Wyatt appeared almost exactly like this guy, right down to the red t-shirt.