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By | Wednesday, August 10, 2011 2 comments
  • Ben Towle digs up James Sturm and Art Baxter's response to Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics. It originally ran The Comics Journal #211 and both Sturm and Baxter provide some additional context.
  • Plenty of Fantastic Four remembrances/commemorations earlier this week, but I'm going to point to Matt Kuhns' piece for two reasons. First, he tends to blog a little outside the mainstream comics blogosphere, so you may not see it otherwise. Second, he points out that we're just about as far away now from the FF's 25th anniversary as the 25th anniversary was from the debut. It's a great way to make many of us who were active comic fans back then feel really old. Thanks a lot, Matt! Oh, also, he makes some interesting comparisons on the technical progress of printing comics from 1961 to 1986 to 2011.
  • Jim Ottaviani links to an interview with his Feynman collaborator Leland Myrick.
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Matt K said...

As always, thanks for the link, man. Did you pick up FF #296 when it was new? As noted, I was realistically just about old enough to have done so myself.

And of course, I did pick up the 30th anniversary issue which, like a lot of beloved comics from my first year or so following Marvel, is now almost two decades old.

We start out not much older than Franklin, and before you know it we're thinking "well, Reed and Ben aren't really that 'old,' when you look at it..." :-)

I got FF #296 as part of my subscription, when they still did those. :) I want to say #258 was the first issue that I got via subscription. If I was that inclined, I could find out for certain by going downstairs and seeing which issues still have a crease down the center!