Wednesday Linkage

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  • This one's buried in Facebook but worth a look if you've got a login: a single page showing all the different ways Hergé signed his name. I didn't actually count them, but it looks like about 50 total.
  • Botgirl Questi has been taking a look lately at Google's privacy policy, specifically their requirement on Google+ that users must use their real names. She's posted a number of different pieces in a variety of formats commenting on things. I point it out here because several of her pieces are re-worked from comic books...
  • That explosion I mentioned the other day? The local ABC affiliate has much better photos and some videos of it.
  • Doc Jenkins just posted his syllabus for his upcoming Science Fiction AS Media Theory graduate class. There's probably more than a few titles among the required reading that you're familiar with (I'm always thrilled to see Alvin Toffler getting more attention) but I point them out here because one of the pieces is Jenkins' own article "'The Tomorrow That Never Was': Retrofuturism in the Comics of Dean Motter" from Comics and the City: Urban Space in Print, Picture and Sequence.
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