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  • Friend Troy points to this article that a carjacker tried to steal an unmarked police vehicle by claiming that they were filming a scene for The Dark Knight Rises and taking the car was in the script.
  • J.P. Cote has created a three-dimensional version of Exciting Comics #45 out of paper, and provides the templates needed to make your own!
  • The Hooded Utilitarian is counting down the results of their poll to find out what the best comics ever are. I honestly don't recall which ones I voted for, but they're noting who voted for the ones in the winning spots. (Which is a good thing for me; I barely even recall that I was asked to vote!) Numbers 10 down through 4 are online now, 3 and 2 will go up tomorrow, and the #1 comic of all time will be revealed on Friday.
  • Matt Kuhns weighs in on the recent Kirby/Marvel ruling and the notion of work-for-hire. While you may well be sick of reading about opinion pieces about all this by now, Matt comes from the perspective of a graphic designer who does almost nothing BUT work-for-hire as a matter of course. As such, he weighs in on why a comic artist is in a different position than, say, just about any other type of commercial artist.
  • Charles Hatfield has a new book coming out early next year called Hand of Fire: The Comics Art of Jack Kirby. More details can be found here.
  • I'm always up for more Kirby!
  • More immediately, Greg Theakston is coming out with a new set of books re-printing the old Kirby comic strip Sky Masters of the Space Force. Unlike the previous version, which was one volume, Theakston will be publishing this as two volumes. I have the one-volume version and that was WELL worth it! Go pick this up!
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Matt K said...

And as you might well imagine, it was quite a struggle to restrain myself from writing a "kitchen sink" post about all my thoughts on comics work for hire issues. So I appreciate that you noticed my effort to stick to what might actually provide something relatively new to the story. :-)