Tonight's Avengers Filming

By | Monday, August 22, 2011 3 comments
EDIT: Apparently, I misunderstood how much I was able to say about my experiences on set. Although I realize it's too little, too late, I'm removing the original content of this post as a gesture of goodwill towards Marvel.
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Don Larew said...

How did you park? I went back to that garage THREE times and once there was no parking and the other two times they would not even let me in. I called the Marvel direct number and someone said the garage had plenty of parking. I told her the one time they let me in they tried to charge me to leave and I didn't even get to park!

This would have been my fifteenth film and I've never had such an issue. I am always at least an hour early, especially this time. Drove 180 miles and couldn't work.

Have fun, though. Looking forward to your posts to see what I missed.

Anonymous said...

How, exactly, did you "misunderstand" your contract? It specifically says you can't reveal anything about the plot. You told the entire internet the entire plot of the scene you were in. That's not a misunderstanding, that's just blatant irresponsibility.

I honestly do not believe the five minutes or so of screen time that was being shot rises to the level of "plot" for a 90-120 minute movie. And what I described didn't even cover all of those five minutes. I was genuinely surprised that my post sparked any interest because what I explained was incredibly trivial and "revealed" almost nothing at all.