Superman Peanut Butter: The Commercial

By | Friday, January 14, 2011 1 comment

"You're wearing a Superman cape! Why would anyone even think that you're just running off camera?"

I'm pretty sure that, even as a kid, I could tell this was a lousy attempt to show Superman flying. I mean, come on! Not even a trampoline to jump off? Did you spend ALL your budget on the Superman license?

I know I did manage to convince my mom to buy Superman peanut butter more than once, though I suspect that had more to do with it being on sale than anything else. I do recall getting the jar down from the cupboard more than a few times, and I think I saved the empty jar the first time. (It had the S-shield on the lid, after all!) But I honestly could not tell you what it tasted like compared to other peanut butters. I know it was off the store shelves well before I got to high school, and I think we alternated between Peter Pan and Jif, and I know I know I never noticed a difference between those.
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Matt K said...

Ha, I just did a Superman post too. Funny!

Superman Friday!