Bounce With Spider-Man

By | Wednesday, January 05, 2011 1 comment
You have NO idea how difficult it was to NOT title this post "Have Fun Between Spider-Man's Legs." The image here is of a kids' inflatable bouncer that's commercially available to rent from (among other places, I'm sure) Arizona's A Child's Joy. I suspect this hasn't been formally licensed from Marvel, and it appears that some places are trying to skirt the issue somewhat by simply calling it a "superhero bouncer" without ever actually referencing Spider-Man. (It has a better chance of flying under search engines' radar that way.)

But, regardless of the legal aspect of this, why would you want to bounce between Spider-Man's weirdly out of shape legs? Wouldn't it make more sense to make the thing look like buildings and skyscrapers with a couple of life-size Spider-Man images plastered on it, so that kids could pretend they're web-swinging with/like Spidey?

But what do I know from marketing to kids?
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Haven said...

All children must wear Mary Jane's to play in this area.