Hall Of Heroes Museum

By | Friday, January 28, 2011 Leave a Comment
Several weeks back, I stumbled across a reference to the Hall of Heroes Museum in Elkhart, Indiana. It started basically as the personal collection of Allen Stewart, but it's grown large enough that he moved it into its own building -- renovated to mimic the facade of the Hall of Justice -- and offers up guided tours of it as a museum for a small admission.

It strikes me as interesting in that Stewart makes no bones about it NOT being devoted to comic book heroes, but rather the superhero genre regardless of medium. While he does have a good collection of comics and comic book art, he also has animation cells from cartoons, movie memorabilia and even one of the original costumes worn by William Katt on The Greatest American Hero.

As I'm more interested in comics as a medium and not a specific genre, it doesn't really sound like my cup of tea. At least not enough to warrant the dedicated side trip I'd need to visit. But fortunately, Jman And Johnny Love have made repeat visits in 2009 and filmed their experiences. The combined footage runs about an hour and half and, though I haven't sat through all of it yet, seems to do a good job of covering much of the collection...

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