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Been busy today and didn't get much think-time for blogging in. So I'll just shoot out a couple of links that caught my eye...
  1. With the death of the Comics Code Authority, Matt Kuhns looks back at the actual seal itself, and presents something of a visual history of the CCA. He has, I think, a really valid point about it having been nothing more than that for the past few decades. This is shown visually by how much it shrinks over the years.
  2. Before his death Kiss drummer Eric Carr had a concept called "Rockheads." Though it was never produced before, it seems as if it will show up in comic book form in Rocksville Nation #2, coming out in April. There is this background information about Rockheads on Carr's site, although I wouldn't suggest going to the link. It appears as if the site design hasn't been updated since Carr's death in 1991.
  3. I seem to recall seeing this make the rounds earlier but Gene Kannenberg, Jr. is still updating his Flickr account with parodies of the old Charles Atlas ad.
  4. Finally, Robert Beerbohm is selling some extra goodies on eBay "to insure placing a stress free cocoon around my daughter Katy for the second time in a year." Robert himself is up and around, but still recovering from hip surgery last year and he's doing his best to help his daughter. That new health insurance law hasn't really kicked in yet, though, so a lot of their medical bills are being paid out of pocket. I've just done a quick scan so far but some of the eye-catching items include a 1923 Barney Google boardgame, original Mutt & Jeff art, a mint-in-box 1972 Spider-Man costume from Ben Cooper, a 1941 Superman pin and a 1911 postcard set of "Master Gabriel cosplaying as Little Nemo! Cosplaying in 1911?!? Worth clicking that link just to see some of the pictures!
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Matt K said...

Thanks for the inbound link!

"1923 Barney Google boardgame?" Okay, Google Optionaires, one of you bid this up and help a fellow out. :-)