In Which Sean Unearths Loot

By | Sunday, January 16, 2011 1 comment
I'm helping the S.O. clear out her mom's house this weekend. We were working on stuff that could go to Half Price Books, and I was in charge of the videos and music from the basement. It was mostly kids stuff... Disney, Veggie Tales, etc. There were a handful of other movies that didn't quite fit in with the group, but were easily explained by adults just using that area from time to time. Stuff like one of Tyler Perry's Madea movies, Total Recall and a John Lennon documentary.

Most of the films were store-bought, but some of them were evidently recorded off cable onto VHS years ago. Same type of fare... Dora, Barney, etc. But then I found this...

I was a bit surprised, and fired up the VCR to see if that was the movie I thought it was. Sure enough, it's Ralph Bakshi's cartoon loosely based off the work of Robert Crumb. I'm pretty confident it was never shown alongside any of the other cartoons but it's still not the type of thing you'd typically find next to DVDs of Happy Feet and a Red Skelton collection.

Since it's not a commercially salable tape, it can't go off to Half Price Books in the first place. And since I've never actually seen the whole thing before, the S.O. offered it to me. Should make for some entertaining viewing sometime in the next few weeks.
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Matt K said...

Hilarious. At least someone put an "X" on both labels. :)