Wally Wingert's "Adam West"

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You know, once upon a time -- back in the late 1980s -- there had been only one actor who was identified at all with the role of Batman. Namely, Adam West. The 1940s serials starring Lewis Wilson and Robert Lowery as the character were almost entirely forgotten and Olan Soule had only lent his voice to the character in cartoons, only to be replaced by West eventually anyway.

So not surprisingly, there was quite a fair amount of speculation of who would wear the cowl when Tim Burton first announced his Batman movie. West was largely out of the running as he was in his 60s by then. But then it was announced that the role had been given to Michael Keaton, a man who was almost exclusively known for broadly comedic roles such as the title characters from Johnny Dangerously, Beetlejuice and Mr. Mom. There was, as I recall, quite a lot of hoopla about the casting decision.

"Why would you place a clown in the role of a superhero?"

I wasn't especially concerned. I remember hearing Burton note sometime early on that Batman was just a suit; anyone could play Batman. What he wanted was someone crazy enough to play Bruce Wayne. (As an aside, I think Keaton's scene where he grabs the fireplace poker and screams, "You wanna get nuts?!? Let's get nuts!" is precisely where I think Burton was coming from with that statement.)

Anyway, all of this background is to put the following song into context. Wally Wingert wrote and recorded "Adam West" to comment on his casting preferences with the song coming out some months before the movie. The tune itself is borrowed from The Escape Club's "Wild Wild West" with a dash of the old Batman theme song thrown in for good measure. I found it quite amusing back in the day and wanted to share...

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