"Leaving Mundania" Documentary

By | Monday, June 28, 2010 Leave a Comment
Leaving Mundania is a 47-minute documentary by Toronto-based Jiro C. Okada. According to his website...
Leaving Mundania explores the colourful lives of “cosplayers” by delving beyond the common stereotypes of anime enthusiasts who express their fandom through costuming and roleplay. This film follows several cosplayers from the Greater Toronto Area as they prepare for their annual pilgrimage to Anime North, the largest anime fan convention in Canada. Through candid footage and in-depth interviews, Leaving Mundania offers an intimate view of participatory fan culture, revealing how cosplayers stand apart from the “mundanes” of the everyday world.

There've been two screenings at the most recent Anime North, which I gather were well-received. As of two weeks ago, no other screenings have been scheduled, but I'm certainly curious enough to keep my eyes and ears peeled. It looks like a good, respectful look at North American cosplayers.
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