How To Build A Comic Shop

By | Thursday, June 10, 2010 3 comments
So you're fully committed to opening your own comic book shop. You've got a storefront and business plan and financing. You've got an account set up with Diamond. But the thing is that your store so far looks like this:
How do you turn that into a comic shop?

Fortunately for you, Terry Gant has posted a slew of pictures here of how he turned a former consignment shop into Third Coast Comics. Here's just a few images to whet your appetite...

And, yes, that is a custom-built front counter.

I've only been to the shop once (it is, after all, 300 miles from my place) but it's a good store. I understand it has also, since it's inception as a comic shop, been used to host birthday parties and weddings. (Of which there are some photos floating around if you poke around a bit.) But that's more along the lines of running a comic shop, which I'll save for another post or twelve!
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Cool article!

Unknown said...


Yeah, since I opened, I've destroyed 3 walls and built a lounge. I think I'm the only comic shop in Chicago with a beer garden.

All of my racks are on wheels too so I can move things out of the way for seminars and other events you wouldn't expect (like a scotch tasting and yoga class).

It might be time to drive another 300 miles :)


Not to worry, Terry. I'm amassing a number of friends in Chicago, and will definitely be in town again before too long! :)