A Week (& A Bit) Of Awesome!

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First off, apologies for a couple days' lapse in bloginating. My parents loaned me their DVD copies of the Up series and I got so wrapped up in watching it that I managed to skip my 'obligations' here. (It really is an excellent series, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in human nature and/or sociology.) So as I'm getting my head back into comics' thinking, here's a quick summary of awesomeness I've encountered from the past week in roughly chronological order...
  1. The S.O. was in town last weekend. We had a great time, as always, and she made a tasty roast chicken meal which provided some excellent leftovers.
  2. I gained a definite article.
  3. Two of my friends got engaged and, thanks to social media, I was able to witness it unfolding virtually.
  4. Because I was kicking butt on a project at work, one of my co-workers got me a gift card for Target. Yay, co-workers!
  5. I found out that a friend of mine from college, who I lost track of about a decade ago, is running for a State Representative seat in Illinois. We had a chance to catch up, and had a blast doing so. If anyone reading this happen to live in the 56th district, I honestly think she'd do an excellent job and is exactly the type of person I'd want representing me, so I'd encourage you to give her some support.
  6. The Manga Curmudgeon emailed to say that random numbers love me, and I'll be getting my hands on some more free comics soon. Also, it turns out that he used to live right around the corner from me!
  7. New Doctor Who episodes. I'm not completely sold on Matt Smith as the Doctor yet, but it's still kind of like seeing old friends. I am keeping my mind open to him, since it did take me quite a while to appreciate Peter Davison's version. I do dig the new console room and theme song!
  8. Lastly, I'm making pizza for dinner. I make awesome pizza!
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