"THE Sean Kleefeld?"

By | Monday, April 05, 2010 Leave a Comment
So I got a message from my brother this afternoon. He said (and I'm paraphrasing here) that he was chatting with some guy in a coffee shop and talking about conventions in general. The guy said, "I wish I could to a big convention for my thing. I've never been to a really big one." My brother asked what was his interest, to which the guy responds, "Comic books. I've been really big into comics my whole life." (You saw that coming, right? This IS a comic blog, after all.)

So anyway, my brother then says that he started name-dropping me as his comic book connection and this guy responds, "THE Sean Kleefeld?" Which naturally impressed my brother. (Heck, it impresses me! Seriously, this is yours truly we're talking about here, not Stan Lee. I'm pretty sure I'm not note-worthy enough to even try name-dropping, let alone be recognized as THE anybody.) It turns out that this guy puts together a convention out in New York state and expressed some interest in having me out there to speak or sign books or something. I need to follow up with my brother still, but I'll be sure to pass word along if/when I end up making any appearances.

Maybe I'll be hitting a con or two in 2010 after all!

"THE Sean Kleefeld" though... who knew?
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