Sinful: A (Graphic) Novel Way To Teach Magic

By | Wednesday, April 07, 2010 Leave a Comment
I was talking to Dad last night, and he was telling me about a new magic trick he got in the mail. You borrow a quarter from someone, and have them mark it up with their initials or something equally identifiable. Then you slam the quarter against the bottom of a still-sealed soda or beer can, and the coin magically passes through into the can. You can open it up, pour the beverage out (or drink it) and the original quarter -- still marked -- will be left inside the can. Great looking trick that requires no unusual props or special set-up. You can use any quarter and any sealed beverage can.

Here's the interesting bit for you non-magicians: the directions for how to perform the trick are presented as a 60-ish page graphic novel.

I haven't seen the book myself yet, and Dad hadn't had a chance to actually read it, but the originator of the trick -- Wayne Houchin -- hired an artist by the name of Josh Funk to draw the whole thing. There are a few thumbnails of the graphic novel on the site -- enough that you can see how the story is somewhat separated graphically from the How-To portions. There are also four videos, the first of which is a trailer for the book, and the second is a brief interview with the artist. (The remaining two show Houchin performing the trick.)

I think it's a cool way to present his trick -- which really has no props he can sell you -- and call attention to using comics to help teach things in a deliberate and sequential manner. It's also worth pointing out to the comic community because I'm fairly certain that Diamond won't be carrying this particular book, and the primary place you'll be able to get a copy is through Houchin's site.
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