Earth Day Comics Fail

By | Thursday, April 22, 2010 5 comments
For the past two years, I've collected on this blog all of the syndicated Earth Day related cartoons I can find. I was planning on continuing that tradition today, figuring it'd be especially poignant as it's the 40th anniversary of Earth Day and all. So without further ado, Earth Day comics...

Um, yeah. Ziggy. Period. That's it. And I don't think it's even intended to be an Earth Day comic, really.

Now, admittedly, I haven't looked at EACH AND EVERY comic being published in any form today, but I've spent a good deal of time hunting. And I've got about bupkis to show for it. Wow. Way to be contemporary, folks. You can't even keep up with annual events?

I'll leave you with this cartoon that I drew for an email our company is sending out today to get people to switch to receiving electronic bills instead of paper ones.

END OF DAY UPDATE: In the Comments, Karen points out that she did find two more Earth Day strips from today that I had missed: Mutts and Grand Avenue. Thanks, Karen!
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Karen said...

I'm equally shocked there are so few this year. But I did find two more: Mutts and Grand Avenue... But that's it. I'm really surprised.

Matt K said...

Eh... I consider myself "an environmentalist," informed/concerned about environmental issues, and even I have a hard time remembering Earth Day. I see occasional mentions in the weeks leading up, and so I knew it was sometime around now, but until reading your blog post I wasn't entirely sure that it was today.

If I look hard enough I can find a headline or two, but only small ones; I don't see anything at all on the front page of, even. Something must be happening somewhere, but whatever it is must be happening without the involvement or attention of most people.

So I can't really blame cartoonists for failing to commemorate an annual event when it has become a non-event. From what I recall of your posts in years past, many of them even made attempts to give it a boost. Obviously without much impact.

I'm afraid that, basically, you could just remove the word "Comics" from the title of your post. Which is particularly disappointing given that even a single day is, it seems, too much to offer up to valuing the world we depend on. Family, Music and Police get their own weeks, Frozen Food gets its own month; short term profits get about 12 months...

So it goes, I guess.

Matt K said...

Cute cartoon, though!

@Karen - Thanks for pointing those out! I tend to have a blind spot for Mutts for some reason. I'll update the post with those two strips in a bit.

@Matt - "Cute cartoon, though!"

I was never a big fan of Ziggy, personally, but different strokes...


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