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Caught a few pieces that I thought I'd share, since I don't know how widely circulated they might get over the weekend...

Krishna Sadasivam (PC Weenies) thinks Marvel comics are a really bad at being new reader friendly, don't have much characterization and are not worth the cover price. He's not really hating on Marvel so much as just pointing out how insular its audience is. Here's the link.

Chris Garrett (no relation to my high school friend of the same name) has come up with a list of ten lessons bloggers in general can take from comic books. Pretty good ideas generally, and most of them are ones I try to actively utilize here. Although I'm probably not so good in the 'human drama' department most of the time. Here's the link.

Lastly, some SPACE Con Coverage...
The Official(?) Con Blog
SPACE Anthology Preview
SPACE Convention Report, Day 1
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