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By | Thursday, April 08, 2010 4 comments
After a nice comics discussion with my buddy Dave today, I wanted to let everyone know a couple things that we've decided.

1) John Byrne is still a pretty frickin' talented artist/storyteller. And we're not just saying that because it was his Fantastic Four and West Coast Avengers that really got us hooked on comics.

2) There is no such thing as a bad Roger Stern story.

There were a few more minor addenda and asides, but those were the two biggies. Please make note of them and plan your future comic purchases accordingly.
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Matt K said...

1) Well, that drawing is splendid, though I'm not sure about storyteller; what evidence do we have? Has Byrne drawn a full story in the past five years? (There was that FX thing, but he didn't write it, and the impression I got from those who read it was that Byrne seemed to be phoning in the art.)
2) Ver possibly not outright "bad," no. I do think Stern underwhelmed when he wrote Fantastic Four -- though he's by no means the only writer to bat well below his average on that title.

I think you missed the post title, Matt. These are pronouncements; you're not allowed questioning them. ;)

Matt K said...

Heh, thank you for clearing up my misunderstanding. I got a good, much-needed laugh.


>> Has Byrne drawn a full story in the past five years? >>

John has done a series of stories for IDW, including some fantastic ANGEL stories. The Lorne story he just did was heart-breaking.