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Wow, guys? Seriously, this is incredible! I'd asked for some help on my blog and through Facebook in voting for my cartoon in this contest and you all turned out in droves! With your help, I was able to knock away the competition and pick up the first place prize!

When I was contacted by one of the folks from the contest, I was absolutely FLOORED by the turnout. I really wasn't expecting that kind of help, but believe me, I am very appreciative of your support!

The prize money will go towards helping take care of some debt issues stemming from my divorce as is, I think, appropriate for a contest discussing the "dangers of debt."

Thank you again, everyone! Really, I am humbled and truly grateful for your help!
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Matt K said...

Dude, that is pretty appropriate. Funny, and great. Nice job. :-)

Anonymous said...

I still remember the phone call about the Optimum Wound book you won. Always the polite and grateful gentleman, you are.