New Kirby Collector Out Today!

By | Wednesday, March 10, 2010 Leave a Comment
You know, the latest issue of Jack Kirby Collector hits the stands today and, as always, I suggest picking up a copy if you've got any interest in Jack or any of his creations. I know I was insanely impressed with what gets packed in to every issue, and was humbled when they ran my earliest piece on Jack's art -- "The Buttons of Doom" -- in #38 way back in 2003. It was about a year later when I started my regular column in the book. And while I am truly honored to be able to contribute to it, I am always blown away at how insignificant my work is compared to what else goes into the book. Even if you take away the mind-blowing Kirby art, the other columns and articles are always, always top-notch. I perpetually feel out-classed working on my pieces, and it regularly makes me step up my game to try to even come close to the rest of the book's contents.

So, with all sincerity, it's a really great book and worthy of your patronage despite the fact that I take up a page or two every issue!
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