Metropolis Wasn't Built In Two Days Either

By | Sunday, March 14, 2010 4 comments
I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I was building a city for my action figures. I only just had a chance to get back to it today, but it's taking longer to populate the city than I figured. Until I get everything done and can get lots of good pictures from multiple angles, I thought I'd provide a quick status update. So here's where the city stands as of this evening...

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Where did that Baxter Building come from?

4 Freedoms Plaza? I built it myself. Mostly cardboard, painted white with some silver wrapping paper glued on for 'windows'.

The two "4"s facing the camera and toe roof come off to reveal the top two floors. One is essentially the ST:TNG engineering room playset, and the other is a mish-mash of gadget-y looking bits. I also rewired the playset to include some more lights and two additional klaxons.

I made it several years ago (when that version of their HQ was still current) so it's geared a little more for the 5" scale figures that were prevalent at the time. I wanted to include a hangar bay in the lower half as well, but my lousy wiring job took up a little too much room.

This is great, I was thinking, have you thought about painting some of the buildings to a more uniform look?

Actually, I'm deliberately leaving them mixed. I very much like that every structure has it's own unique style and architecture, much like you'd find in a real city.

That said, I have periodically considered painting the Hall of Justice white, to match the cartoon. Still debating that one; I'd have to spend a fair amount of time masking off all the stickers.